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  • •Enterprise-focused Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate Course
  • •Serving Corporate, Public Agency, and Private Students from the US and Beyond
  • •Thorough Coverage of FAA UAS Regulations and Topics, plus Flight Introduction
  • •Our 4 1/2 day course: FAA Regs and Topics, Intro to Drone Flight, FAA exam
  • •Our 2 1/2 day course: FAA Regs and Topics, FAA exam
  • •Scheduled monthly - Next Course: April 15 - 19

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As drone technology quickly evolves, many industries and agencies are realizing that it's time to incorporate drone applications as valuable and essential extensions of their business. They are responding by hiring or training drone pilots and creating internal drone teams. When those future drone pilots need to earn their drone pilot licenses, they come to us.

The official FAA commercial drone license is called the “Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.” You must have this license to legally conduct any non-recreational drone flights. To get this license, you must pass the FAA drone knowledge exam. The exam topics are not difficult to master, but they require dedicated study and the help of a knowledgeable training team. The drone license does not require a demonstration of flight skills, but a committed drone license candidate should get an introduction to precise and safe drone flight control and procedures.

Aeon Academy, a division of Aeon Unmanned, presents the highly lauded Part 107 Test Prep and Flight Course every month in Denver, Colorado. This course is targeted to the professionals in many industries who plan to become their company's licensed drone pilots and conduct drone missions in support of critical company processes and initiatives. Our students range from employees of large corporations and agencies to sole practitioners.

We present the Test Prep courses in the "Tech Center" area southeast of beautiful Denver, Colorado - just one flight away from most major US cities. A list of nearby hotels will be send to registrants and anyone who requests it.

NEXT Part 107 Test Prep and Flight Course: April 15 - 19 in Denver, Colorado!
FUTURE Course Dates: May 13-17; June 17 - 21!
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Pick the course that fits your agenda:

Aeon Academy AU107: Part 107 Test Prep and Flight Course
This four and a half day course (Monday to Friday noon) is designed to prepare anyone who is committed to earning their FAA Remote Pilot Certificate to take the FAA Part 107 test on the last day with an excellent chance of passing. Plus it includes two days of UAV flight training to give students a solid introduction to professional, safe, and legal drone piloting and mission management. No prior drone experience is required. The course includes two days of classroom instruction, two days of flight instruction, and a reserved seat at an FAA test center to take the Part 107 test on the last day. It includes our Test Success Promise: if you don’t pass the part 107 test during the course, we will pay your $150 fee to retake the test within 30 days!
Aeon Academy AU100: Part 107 Test Prep Course
Classroom-only Option. This two and a half day course (Monday to Wednesday noon) features the same focused lecture series as the longer “Test Prep and Flight” course, but it does not include two days of drone flight instruction. It is designed to prepare anyone who is committed to earning their FAA Remote Pilot Certificate to take the FAA Part 107 on the third day of the course with an excellent chance of passing. The course includes two days of classroom instruction and a reserved seat at an FAA test center to take the Part 107 test on the third day. It includes our Test Success Promise: if you don’t pass the part 107 test during the course, we will pay your $150 fee to retake the test within 30 days!

Complete details will be sent upon enrollment.

We are pleased to be a top choice for preparing drone pilots in many industries to earn their drone license.
Our AU107 course graduates over the last two years include employees from these organizations:

  • Municipal police department
  • Real estate media specialists, appraisers
  • Water and sanitation district
  • Municipal fire department
  • Power transmission and distribution
  • State department of wildlife
  • Building construction
  • Road construction
  • Premiere US news organization
  • Aviation safety
  • International gas distribution
  • Regional oil and gas well operator
  • Bauxite mining (international)
  • Reality TV video crew
  • US national laboratory
  • County volunteer rescue service
  • National civil aviation agency (team of 9 - African nation)
  • February 2018:  "I decided to invest the money in a 5 day weeklong class, as opposed to the quick and cheap online classes offered by everyone and their uncle...The outfit that impressed me most was Aeon...The instructors and staff were extremely dedicated, knew the material well and presented it in a manner that me and my 5 classmates appreciated... the bottom line of this course is to prepare you to pass the FAA pt. 107 exam, which we took on Friday, after a final review with our instructor. The point is our instructors were awesome, yet they're clearly serious about helping you grasp a load of unfamiliar information in the 4 days prior to the test - and they'll spend as much time with you as want..." - Steve S., Denver, CO

  • February 2018:  "If you are planning to pursue a career in drones, this company is the place to start. They are completely professional and provide thorough instruction with a positive learning environment, as well as some hands-on flight time with various drones currently used in the sUAS industry. The most impressive feature of Aeon Unmanned is the staff and their desire to not only train drone pilots, but create successful ones." - Mike W., Denver, CO

  • May 2018:  "Aeon Unmanned ground school is a well designed course that enables students to fully immerse themselves into their studies for their 107 certification. They considered all aspects of the ground school experience including selecting an operational 747 aviation training facility to conduct class. This detail made me feel like I was becoming part of the greater aviation community. Furthermore, the class is designed with adequate time to engage in dialog with other classmates to further our learnings and network for future opportunities. With this class, I knew precisely what to study for, entered the test with confidence, and passed with flying colors. Thank you Aeon Unmanned! " - Fred W., Denver, CO

  • August 2018:  "I recently traveled to the Denver area to take Aeon Unmanned's five day Part 107 class. I had located other classes closer to my home however drove the eight hundred miles to participate in Aeon Unmanned's class. It was by far the best money I have invested in starting my commercial drone business! The instructors were all top notch and had years of experience that they shared with us. I felt completely prepped for taking the FAA exam. Everyone in our class passed! This class was a great return on investment!" - Mark N., Sanderson, TX

  • August 2018:  "The course covered all aspects of the UAS Part 107 license tests. The sample test were very helpful and I would recommend the class to anyone considering obtaining a license. Without the class I would not have passed the exam." - Tony, C, Littleton, CO

  • September 2018:   "Just completed my FAA Part 107 and passed the test. Thanks, Aeon Unmanned. I don't think I could of or would have wanted to do it without your training." - Brenda F, Grand County, CO

  • September 2018:  "Sought out top level training for Part 107 training that included hands on flight practice to make me a better pilot. I certainly found it at Aeon Unmanned. Not only did I pass the Part 107 exam, but I crushed it. Thanks for a great class. The flight training days are well worth the extra time and cost. The precision control exercises are excellent. If you want a training that prepares you both to pass the test and fly a drone well, the 5 day class is the one for you." - Scott B, Los Alamos, NM

  • October 2018:  "I couldn't be happier with the level of professional instruction I received from Aeon Unmanned. In only a two day period, I was given the confidence and knowledge to take the Part 107 for the first time and pass with "flying" colors. Our instructor was obviously passionate and knowledgeable about UAS operations and presented the material in a concise and easy to understand way. If you're looking for the fastest and easiest way to prepare for the Part 107 exam, look no further than Aeon Unmanned and their expertise." - Peter K., Ft. Collins, CO

WHAT YOU GET with the Aeon Unmanned Part 107 Academy class registration:

  • AU107: Part 107 Test Prep & Flight Course
  • $2099
  • Two Days: Part 107 Regulations and Topics
  • Two Days: Drone Flight Instruction
  • Reserved Seat for Part 107 Exam
  • Best Chance to Earn 107 License
  • Aeon Academy Course Certificate
  • Enroll Now
  • AU100: Part 107 Test Prep Course
  • $899
  • Two Days: Part 107 Regulations and Topics
  • Reserved Seat for Part 107 Exam
  • Best Chance to Earn 107 License
  • Aeon Academy Course Certificate
  • Enroll Now
  • RE100: Part 107 Re-certification Course
  • $199
  • Because your Certificate expires in 2 years!
  • Prepares You to Renew Part 107 Privileges
  • One Full Day of Review Briefs
  • Covers All Key Recertification Test Topics
  • Convenient Saturday Scheduling
  • Enroll Now

Why an Aeon Academy Part 107 Test Prep Course Should Be Your Choice for
Preparing for the FAA Remote Pilot Exam:

  • • Experienced team - we've been teaching this course for over two years!
  • • Student success rate - all our students pass the FAA Part 107 drone exam!
  • • Includes a solid introduction to basic drone flight skills - no prior experience required!
  • • Affordable - get the classroom, flying and FAA exam reservation bundle for one competitive price!
  • • Discounts are available to military and public service members - contact us!
  • • Located in beautiful Denver, Colorado - one flight from all major US cities
  • • Test Success Promise: We pay your $150 fee for exam re-take within 30 days!

SPRING SPECIAL! Get $500 Off the April AU107 Course Price!
Use Coupon Code "EASTER107" at Checkout!

Questions?  Contact us at! 

Team Instruction is available: If your organization has a large contingent of drone pilot candidates, we can bring the course to you! Ask about a custom training session at your site. Contact us at

Aeon Academy is pleased to endorse the Zephyr Drone Training Simulator. Drone pilots need a flexible, “anytime” opportunity to practice and improve their flying abilities, and we have found the Zephyr simulator to be an excellent resource for both building and maintaining flight skills.
Zephyr is an advanced, full-featured training solution and a highly effective tool for anyone seeking practice for safely and efficiently operating unmanned aircraft. It takes into account factors such as FAA guidelines and real-world physics in order to deliver a comprehensive learning experience that promotes safety and skill retention. Click HERE to learn more about this powerful training tool.

We are happy to announce our partnership with the International Drone Racing Association (IDRA). Pilots need to be insured, and IDRA provides premium protection for aspiring commercial pilots. Sign up HERE using discount code AEON107 to save 10% and get the protection you need today!

FAA Drone License FAQ:

Why do I need a Remote Pilot Certificate to fly a drone for business?
First, it's the law. If you are flying a drone for compensation without a license, you are not operating legally. You are putting your own company - and your clients - at risk. As an ethical professional, you should want to be fully compliant with the law. Second, you or your employer will need to maintain liability insurance for your drone flight activity. Your insurer or risk management team will require insured drone pilots to hold current FAA Remote Pilot Certificates. Third, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) enforcement of drone regulations is getting more attention. The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 (H.R. 302), signed by the President on October 5, 2018, highlights the risk of collisions between drones and conventional aircraft, and it directs the FAA to "pursue all available...remedies, including referrals...for criminal investigations, with respect to persons who operate unmanned aircraft in an unauthorized manner."
Is it hard to pass the Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft General (drone) test?
Not if you commit yourself to doing the course work! The FAA’s Part 107 basic regulations are straight-forward and easy to grasp. The additional topics on navigation, aerodynamics and weather are similar to basic lectures from high school physics and geography. The topics on human factors and crew management would be familiar to anyone who’s been part of a team, and the Academy agenda includes taking several practice tests to check your progress and find subjects to revisit. If you keep your focus, you’ll be well-prepared for the test on the last day!
Do I need any drone experience to be successful at the Part 107 Academy?
No! You just need to be committed to doing the coursework and participating in the class lectures and flight training. It’s helpful to have some drone experience, but not necessary. About one third of our students have never touched a drone before they start the course.
What drones do you teach with? Can I bring my own drone?
We introduce flight techniques with simple DJI Phantoms that do not have live video feeds. Depending on interest, some students might try our DJI Inspire 1.
Can’t I just take an online Part 107 study course to prepare for the FAA test?
Of course – and that’s a good solution for some people who don’t have the time or funds to invest in a nearly week-long course. But those who can make the investment in the Academy enjoy these benefits: 1) they are part of committed team and study group that supports each others’ learning; 2) they get exposure to safe drone flight management by learning to fly simple drone missions; 3) they earn a AEON course certificate that can qualify them for discounts on their commercial liability insurance, and 4) they have an excellent chance of going home with an FAA test passing score that will let them activate their Remote Pilot Certificate as soon as their results get into the FAA pilot registration system.

We have found that some Academy enrollees, based on their learning styles, do want to start their Part 107 test project by signing up for an online Part 107 course before attending the Academy class. This allows them to get acquainted with the regulations and concepts involved in UAS training on their own schedules and review the topics at their own speed until they are comfortable with them.

For students interested in this option, we recommend that they research the many online Part 107 course options available. Look at their lists of topics and videos, their student feedback, and their pricing. Make sure they have a good student response system and that students will have future access to the course after they complete it so they can return to review key topics.
Is there a big demand now for drone pilots?
The UAV industry is young and the demand for pilots/operators is high and steadily rising as companies embrace UAV benefits. Many newly-minted drone pilots are starting businesses with low barriers to entry – primarily airborne and real estate photography. Those areas can be very price-competitive. Our graduates who seem to be getting the most early traction from their UAV licenses have focused firmly on a drone specialty – such as harbor/seaborne photography or extreme sports video work – with thoughtful business and brand-building plans. Others target the needs of industry and move on to study mining or agricultural services, and one-third of our students are in companies that want to embrace UAS technology. As new Remote Pilots, they immediately become prime candidates for developing corporate UAS programs.

Your Future Begins Today!